How Do I Use and Get Guest Credits?

We love Mohican pool and hope you do too, so much that you want to share it with your guests. Guests are welcome to accompany you.

There are two important rules for guest passes:

  • All non-members are required to use a guest credit when they enter the pool area, regardless of whether or not they are swimming.
  • The member must be present to check them in and during the remainder of the time the guests are present at the pool.

Guest credits are now automated and kept on the computer at the front desk.  Additional guest credits can be purchased here.  You must be logged into your account to proceed.

Or you may purchase them directly at the front desk (check or credit card preferred).  Members must register their guests and remain in attendance on the Association’s property during the entire time their guests are on the property.

They don’t expire and will remain in your account.

Weekday Guest Credit Fees:  $5 (1 – $5.00 credit)

Weekend Guest Credit Fees: $10 (2 – $5.00 credits)

Who Can Purchase Them?

Any active full or temporary summer member with an account in good standing may purchase guest credits to use for their guests.  This includes:

  • Active full members
  • Senior privilege members
  • Waitlist temporary full summer members
  • Waitlist temporary late summer only members

Who May Not Purchase Them:

  • Closed accounts
  • Inactive members
  • Members who are in process of selling their membership

How Many Can I Use?

If you plan to have 10 or more guests at the pool, that is considered a party and needs prior approval.  The party form is found here.