Welcome to Mohican Swimming Pool Association

We are glad you have decided to join us for some fun in the sun at Mohican.  This guide is meant to provide a one-stop place for your questions and help you get ready to use all of the facilities at the club.  Spend a few minutes to read through this and you’ll be ready to utilize the club to the fullest!

First and foremost, the Mohican Member Bylaws can be found here.

Online Member Portal

  • It is your responsibility to keep your contact information up to date.  This is the information that will be used for emails about events and updates as well as emergency communication if needed.  Email membership@mohicanpool.org with questions.
  • Once you set up your account, you can do the following on our online portal:
    • Every log-in uses the password that you set up when you joined
    • Renew your membership each year
    • Add family members
    • Subscribe to the online directory
    • Fill in the Tadpole Test waiver (required for all children under 12 each year)
    • Update your emergency contact info
    • Pay for Guest Fees, pavilion rentals, party fees, etc.


Parking is limited.

  • There are footpaths from Mohican and Walhonding (walk down the public drive and under the pool deck to get to the front parking lot).
  • During swim practice you may find you need to park along Mohican, MacArthur, or Quarry Road.  During events there will be a crossing guard on duty.
  • For swim meets, we allow the opposing team to park in our lot and we park elsewhere.


  • Please read through the Pool Rules and become familiar with them before visiting this summer.
  • Pool Hours can change throughout the summer due to weather and events at the club.  Always check the calendar or call the pool if the weather is questionable.  There is a Twitter feed on the front page of the website which the guards will use to notify everyone.  Feel free to follow them.
  • The swim team, dive team and lap swimmers  have reserved lanes at certain hours (there are always lap lanes available).  Other than that, everyone else must share the pool.  If there is a concern, please bring it to the attention of the guards and don’t try to address it yourself.
  • Guards will call adult swim at their discretion.
  • All children 12 and under must have passed the Tadpole Test in order to swim alone in the big  or the middle pool.  Once you get a certificate from the guards, you can log in to your account and sign the waiver to allow your child to swim alone.  The Tadpole Test is a rite of passage for the children and a great Mohican tradition!
    • Children under 8 years old will be admitted to the pool grounds only when they are accompanied by a responsible person at least 16 years old.
    • Children 8 through 12 will be admitted to the pool grounds unaccompanied by a responsible person only after the child has passed the Basic Swim Test (Tadpole Test)
    • Children over 13 years old will be admitted to the pool grounds unaccompanied.
Purchasing on Account
  • All purchases are logged to your Member Splash account.  At the end of the month, we will send a bill to you for all of the purchases that month, including any guest passes which were put on account.  You are required to pay those charges within 30 days.
  • If you feel a charge was in error, within 30 days,you may contact membership@mohicanpool.org.  In accordance with our bylaws, all accounts not settled within 30 days are in arrears and the account will have its pool privileges suspended until payment is made.
  • For parties, if your account is short the required number of guest passes, they will automatically be put on account.  If you have not made your payment for your pavilion reservation, it will be put on your account
  • If you would rather your family members not be able to use this feature, please let the guards know so they can add your name to the list of members who must use cash.


We use email to communicate social events and updates from the club.  Make sure you are receiving the emails.

We send out a weekly newsletter called “Deck Talk”

Social Events

Look for information about Opening/Closing Day social events as well as Food Trucks, the Adult Party and the Crabfest.  Information will be sent out as emails.  Email membership@mohicanpool.org to volunteer!


Guests are welcome to accompany you to the pool.  Read more about Guests at the pool here.

Please purchase your guest passes in your account before you arrive at the pool.  If you need to purchase them at the front desk, the only option for payment is “on account”

Questions?  Email the Pool Manager at mohicanmanager@membersplash.com

Swim & Dive Team

Only Full Members and Waitlist Temporary Full Summer members may register for swim & dive. To register your child for swim or dive teams visit the Team Registration page.

They always need parent volunteers and if you’d like to really get involved, you can become a dive judge, a stroke and turn judge or maybe even a starter or ref!


  • Our Upper Pavilion is available for members to rent throughout the Pool Season.  Any group over 10 is considered a party and must be registered as such.  The main pavilion is shared and all groups must share it.  There is no reserved space there.
  • The grills are first come first served.  If there are multiple families waiting, please make room on the grill for them.  The refrigerators may be used by all but do not leave any alcohol in them.  And remember NO GLASS at the pool!
  • Food and drink is only to be consumed under the pavilions.
  • From June 14 through July 12, the swim and dive teams use the Pavilion for Pep Rallies every Friday night, so the area will be unusually busy and the grills will not be available for general use.

Snack Bar

The snack bar is stocked with plenty of food and drinks for your consumption.  Ice cream is the biggest seller!  You may pay for your snacks with cash or on account.  If you do not wish your children to purchase anything on account, make sure you have given their name to the guards so they can be added to the list.


Please enjoy our new playground!  All children must be monitored by parents while on the play equipment.  No eating or drinking is allowed on the playground.


  • Bocce: Children under 14 MUST be supervised by an adult.  Register with the guards in order to use the court and get the equipment needed to play.
  • During swim meets, the viewing area is open to all.
  • The ping pong table is open to all.  Register with the guards to get the paddles
  • The corn hole game is open to all.  Register with the guards to get the beanbags.
  • Basketballs are available at the guards desk.  It’s at their discretion to give them out.


Mohican is run by Board volunteers and members who step up to create programs and events.  New Members are welcome and encouraged to consider volunteer roles.  Are you ready to serve on the board?  If an area interests you, please reach out to the relevant board member to find out how you can help!

Membership Renewal

Members renew their memberships each year.  In January/February, the Membership Chair will email all members when the renewal period opens.  You will log in and pay the dues by the deadline of March 1.  Renewals received after the deadline have a $100 late fee and there is a deadline of April 15 for the account to be brought out of arrears or it will be sold.    Failure to renew your membership could result in having to go back on the waitlist.  Members can opt to place their membership on hold and should be in touch with the Membership Chair to discuss their situation (moving, taking a break, etc.).    Questions about membership should be sent to membership@mohicanpool.org

If you are part of our waitlist, you should plan on it taking years for you to reach the top of the list for membership.  We typically sell around 20 memberships per year and that’s how many new members we bring in.  Because we rent out the seniors and inactive memberships, we generally have a large number of temporary full summer memberships we can offer.  As well, we offer to our out of bounds members an August to October membership.

See you on deck!