Mohican Party Policy & Request Form


Weekdays: $5 each during weekdays (1 credit)

Weekends: $10 each during weekends (2 credits)

Members are required to purchase a guest credit for each non-member attending an event.

Party Size:

Parties of fewer than 10 guests: Are welcome anytime and don’t require notification to the Pool Manager unless you wish to request the upper pavilion (although discouraged during swim team practices).

Parties of 10 – 25 guests: All parties of more than 10 non-members must be scheduled in advance by submitting a request via this online form.  Due to demands on the pool these are subject to approval by the Pool Manager, and may require board approval, depending on the requested size/date/time. Requests at quieter times (weekday evenings, or in August for example) are generally easier to accommodate.

We must have your request 2 weeks in advance to accommodate the extra guards.

Parties of more than 25 guests: Are hard for the pool to accommodate at any time.  All requests require board approval. 


The sponsor shall ensure that adequate adult-chaperone supervision is provided throughout the party.  At least one adult must be present for every six children.  It is the responsibility of the adult chaperones to inform the guests of the pool rules and to monitor the behavior of the party participants.  Pool staff are on duty to ensure the safety of swimmers and to enforce pool rules. They are not expected to, and will not, perform party supervision functions.  For non swimmers who have not passed the tadpole test, there must be an adult in the water with them one-on-one at all times.

Hosts may be asked to cover any additional lifeguard costs if the Pool Manager thinks the size of the party requires additional coverage.


A list of guests must be provided to the front desk before the party starts.  It can be downloaded from here.  Members are required to purchase guest credits for their guests when checking in on the day of the event. Members do not need to purchase guest credits in advance prior to the event. Guests will be checked off the list as they arrive and added to your Membersplash account, which will apply the guest credit(s).

The member must fill out the party request form linked to this page.  The member is then required to log in to their account and purchase enough guest passes or pay for the pavilion after their party request is confirmed by Mohican staff.

There are two pavilion areas which can be requested:

Main Pavilion:

Mohican does not “reserve” the main pavilion area or grills for events and does not guarantee exclusive use.  They are a community resource and all members are generally allowed access during normal operating hours.  The form and master calendar are for planning purposes.  They let the membership know what is planned so we can “stay out of each other’s way.” As a courtesy, the membership is asked to give events some space and event organizers are asked to accommodate would-be grillers.

Upper Pavilion:

The upper pavilion can be rented exclusively for an additional $100 fee.  The area can accommodate  a large party  and there is shade  and seating.   Two picnic tables, two round tables with umbrellas and chairs make up the seating arrangements.  Party lights are strung and can be plugged in for a festive air.   Electricity outlets are available should you want to use devices or play music.

The party hosts must clean up after the party.  Trash bags will be provided if needed.  Please remember to take down any balloons that may have been tied to signs.

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