Mohican Swimming Pool Association Sale or Transfer of Membership Form

Sale of Membership:

  • Membership will be sold by the Association to the next person on the waiting list.
  • As soon as your membership is sold, you will receive a check for the prevailing sales price (currently $1200), less any assessment fees, dues, late fees or other outstanding charges.
  • The date listed on the form will be used to determine deductions from the sales price.

Once you fill out this form, it will be emailed to you and us and we will advise you when we will be sending you your check.

Transfer of Membership:

  • Your membership may be transferred only to the following:
    • An adult descendant residing within the Mohican Pool boundaries
    • The purchaser of your home
  • There is a transfer fee of $1200 to be paid by the new member
  • The date listed on the form will be used to determine any balances due to the MSPA
  • Once Membership receives your transfer request, the new owner will be contacted about  their new account and the fees associated with full membership.

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