Mohican Mermaids

For more than 30 years, Mohican Pool has offered a daily unisex water aerobics class open to all ages (called “Mermaids”). The workout performs exercises appropriate to every level of ability and gives benefits from toning to buildup. One particular benefit is that water aerobics is low impact and can be done even by persons suffering from temporary or permanent health conditions, such as running injuries, back problems, and arthritis. Participants include professionals experienced in the foreign service, law, and academia (among many others!), and all have raised or are currently raising children in our community. We are an important resource to each other on many subjects.

The Mermaids will meet in the first hour that the pool is open (not during early bird swimming hours) each day.  The only exceptions known at this time are for Saturdays that the pool will not open until noon due to swim team events.

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