Thanks for contacting us with your party request.  This is what happens next:

  • For routine parties, we will respond back to you quickly after verifying the master calendar.  Routine requests include:
    • Birthday parties during normal hours
    • Parties with no more than 25 adults attending
  • For a larger group or a non-routine request, we will need to contact the Board for approval.  A non-routine request would  include:
    • The Wood Acres annual end of school party which closes down the pool to members
    • A party held outside of normal pool hours which will involve having lifeguards on duty
    • Any party over 25 adults which could impact the membership
  • The pool manager will arrange payment with you for your party up front.  It’s handled through Membersplash so it’s logged as a payment in your account and the guest fees will be added in for use at your party.
  • The day of the party, please update your guest list and pay for any extra guest credits you may use.