Mohican Update

Fellow Mohicans –

We are now in the heart of the summer and I wanted to share with you a few updates.

First, on the issue of memberships, we still have a few problems with our system. As a result, there are families who have not been able to get everyone registered as they planned. A few of these are problems with our system, and in a few cases, the members have not registered properly. To correct these our membership team (Elizabeth Redisch, Dani Johnson, and Josette Skilling) have been hard at work.  However, some problems still persist. To correct these we would like to extend our help.

If you can not login (password etc.) or if you are unsure who you have paid for on your household please reach out to If you are having a problem with the actual application, please reach out to Josette Skilling. And, in general, you can always come to me directly with any issues – If I cannot help I will direct you to someone can resolve your issues.

Then on to our latest additions to the program.

We kicked off Water Polo last Sunday (8:30-9:30 PM), and this will run weekly through the rest of the season. We had a mix of adults and kids in the first session last week, and everyone had a great time. Right now the group is high school and up. However, we are happy to get a group going for younger kids if there is interest.  So, if your younger ones want to play, bring them out and we will make sure to accommodate.

And we kicked off Masters Swimming this Sunday 8:30 – 9:30/10:00 (AM). We had a group of about a dozen for the first session, and everyone got the workout they intended. Someone told me my initial email was a little intimidating, and I want to make sure everyone knows they are welcome. We have all 8 lanes so we can divide up the group into their abilities. This should be a great way to get the week started, so I encourage you to come out. And this group will also run through the season.

And on Thursday we kicked off Raft-Night and Food-Truck Thursday to overwhelming success. We had nearly 500 attendees on a Thursday which is more like a weekend day.  And as a result of the turnout, we have contacted the truck coming this week (Peruvian Brothers) to make sure we have the capacity to handle the group. They ensure us they are fast and are ready for our crowd. So, come on out and save yourself from cooking.

We also had our first home swim and dive meets this last week – with two home swim meets and a dive meet.  Both teams are big this year, and the kids and coaches are all having a good time. I am always amazed that it takes nearly 30 parents to run a swim meet and the team always manages to get all the slots filled.

One final note of caution. We have had a couple mishaps on the playground equipment. We had a boy get burned on one of our super-hot days and we had someone take a dive off the equipment this week. It probably goes without saying, but I just ask the parents to be cautious and watch your little ones when they are playing.

And on parking, I want to thank everyone for making the most of our lot. I encourage you all to walk or bike but I understand that is not convenient. So, just have patience when it is crowded and be careful if you park on MacArthur.

That is all I have for now.

See you at the pool.

Rick Hall