Mohican Pool History – Major Improvements

As we have proceeded with the Master Plan there has been a lot of discussion about the history and major improvements to the pool.  To clarify the history Judy Lentz put together a chronology of the major improvements to our facility which is contained below.  While Judy has spoken to many members, it is still possible we have missed some activity.  Please feel free to contact Judy and we will update the history with any corrections of additions.

1957: Land consisting of 4.5 acres was bought for construction of Mohican Swimming Pool.

1958: The building permit was granted for the construction of the 3 pools and the bath house.  The total cost was $59,025, and the pool was built by Moeller Compressor Company.

1959: May 31st – Mohican Pool opened with 130 families, with “contributions” of $200 per family.

1972: A contract to Viers to grade the back road for truck access was undertaken.

1974: All piping was replaced with PVC.  The pool took out a mortgage to pay for it.

1991: The Bath house was renovated.  The top floor was added, and it is now used for storage. The work was done by J.L Matthews, Inc.

1992: The high diving board was replaced, and a lower board was installed.

New shower heads and a changing table were installed in the bath house.  An engineering study of the bath house was done. The Middle Pool was drained and cracks were patched.  A crosswalk from the parking lot across MacArthur Boulevard – Rosen’s Crossing was implemented.

2000: A breach was found in one of drain lines. 24 linear ft of the deck was ripped up to fix the leak.  The pump manifold was replaced and improved circuitry was implemented.  A second drain was added in the baby pool.  A new white coat for the main pool was put down.  New expansion joint tile was added, and racing lane and turning target tiles were replaced.  14 return fittings on the main pool and wading pool were replaced with adjustable PVC.  The work was done by WILCOXEN and ALOHA.  The total cost was $39,000.

2003: New water filters, and new pool heaters were installed by ALOHA.  An investigation of a baby pool leak was undertaken and the leak was fixed. The hair strainer was replaced.    An in-pool stair was ordered from Spectrum, and set in place by U.S. Aquatics in the Main pool.   Non-slip treads on the four pool ladders were purchased and installed by pool member Val Spiegel.

2005: In the fall the pool decided to modify the rear (muddy) yard and to remove an old shed that served as the only shelter in the rear yard. There were a few old grills and a sandbox. The tether ball court was in the same location as the lower one is currently. Grass was an annual challenge.

In the spring a massive county-mandated drainage plan was initiated in an effort to mitigate our endlessly soggy backyard. We installed four -40 linear feet connected by a perindicular line sunk 8- 10 feet deep. The outlet runs under the pavilion just on the outside edge (gate side). It doesn’t actually “drain” any ground water since the pavers move the water off efficiently.

That spring we added the sport court and pavers. The cost of the aforementioned drainage plain, stonework and sport court was approximately $40,000. Billy Veirs’s company completed the extensive grading necessary. (digging the trenchs for the below ground drainage field). Billy Veirs DONATED the sport court material. (the plastic base of the basketball court).

The company, HARDSCAPE in Darnstown installed the landscape pavers, sport court walls, stairs to back deck.

A neighbor donated the SHIP which was originally installed.

That was PHASE 1- completed for $40,000. Architecture fees were separate ($10K).

2006: The new Pavilion and deck construction took place in the winter and spring.  The total cost was approx. $220,000, plus architect, engineering and permit fees.  Matthews General Contracting did the work on the Pavilion.

2007: The grill station was built consisting of two grills, and building masonry base.  Granite tops were installed in back.  Gas and electric lines were installed.  The cost was $25,000.

Thank you to the following people who kindly helped with the compilation of  the history of Mohican Pool: Chuck Montrie; Kyle Kreutzberg; Teri Tomlin; Val Spiegel; Bill Stromsen; Sue Silverstein; and Greg Millett

Any additions, and/or changes, please email Judy at: