Almy Review Letter


MR, Rick Hall
Mohican Hills Swim Club
Bethesda , MD

Re: Mohican Hills Swimming Pool
Site Visit 04/20/11

Dear Rick,

Enclosed you will find and E Mail sent to me by Mark Wilkinson providing his evaluation of the pool facilities as a result of our site visit last Friday afternoon. Like Mark, I was amazed at the condition of the pool in light of its age. The condition of the filter and the cantilevered concrete deck gave me cause for more concern and my inspection of the Bathhouse has lead me to reconsider my original thinking.

At our work session, held at your house we seemed to agree that a minimal plan to improve the bathhouse and make minimum improvements to make it somewhat compliant with the ADA code and perform some cosmetic improvements. After my walk through, I have changed my opinion. The locker rooms are too small and present too many obstacles to be able to make economical changes.

In light of the remarkable condition of the pool and the possibility that it may well give you some time, and it may be wise to address the ADA and bathhouse now, which will solve several issues, which if well planned now, will give you the ability to move forward with the pool, filters, and decks, in the not too distant future, and when completed will give your members, which will serve you for many years into the future.

The challenge, as I see it is to develop a master plan, which should you decide to move forward, will allow you to either phase the work with the Bathhouse and ADA issues being addressed now, so they will dovetail into future pool, deck and, filter improvements in the future, or do very little now and proceeding with a major, complete undertaking in a few years.

Phasing the project, will not solve the problem of limited water area for swim team and lappers immediately and will not provide the economy of performing all of the work at one time, but it will give you an opportunity get the total membership behind the overall plan.

I hope that Mark’s and my evaluation will assist you in your endeavor  to  assuage the concerns of some pool member, and demonstrate  that you have, in fact,  had the pool and facilities evaluated and are proceeding in a methodical, planned process. If you have any questions about Mark’s or my evaluation, please contact me at your convenience.

David Almy, Registered Architect