Do I have to buy a full membership when it’s offered?

Temporary, or season to season membership, continues until the member’s name comes up for a full membership. Temporary members remain on a waiting list in the same order in which they waited for their initial membership.  Time waiting for a full membership depends on how many memberships get turned in each year, and how many people are on the waiting list. Recent history has been 3 to 4 years of temporary membership before a full membership is available. Once a full membership is offered, it must be purchased or membership is terminated.  You can reapply to the waitlist, but you will go back to the bottom and start over.

Sometimes this offer comes at an inconvenient time, for example, after you have already made a commitment to another pool. To be fair to others on the wait list, we need a decision within 5 days.

Does my membership earn interest?

When you turn in your  bond, you will receive whatever the prevailing rate is for the membership (currently $1200).  Interest does not accrue.

Can I give my membership to someone else?

The membership is an agreement between the member and the pool association.  It cannot be transferred to another person, unless it is for the sale of your home which will include your membership.

We’ve divorced, how can I get my spouse’s name off the membership?

One spouse cannot remove the other unilaterally.  The party being removed must agree. This is easiest accomplished with a note to the pool, signed by the party to be removed.  If both spouses want to continue under separate memberships, please call or email the pool membership chair for options.

I’m selling my house. How can my buyers get my membership?

If you’re selling your house, wait until you have a buyer and an estimated closing date.  Fill out the form to transfer your membership to the pool.  Add the name of the new buyer and, when they will take possession, and your new address. You will be the prevailing rate (currently $1200), and we will send the buyers an invitation to join the pool at the prevailing rate (currently $1000).  Please note that memberships can not change status during the summer season when the pool is open.


How long will I be on the wait list? Membership to the Mohican Swimming Pool Association is capped at 450 total. In any given year, a limited number of  Memberships may come available; the number varies year to year.

How do I find out where I am on the wait list? Once a year, usually in early June, the Board will mail a letter informing applicants of their current status on the wait list. If you do NOT get a letter by June 15, please contact Membership.

Why does it take so long to get into Mohican and what is the Board doing to shorten the wait? MSPA operates under a special permit (“conditional use”) with Montgomery County which strictly limits the number of memberships available to 450 total. The cap on membership coupled with low turn-over of members who tend to stay in the neighborhood for a considerable period of time are factors which impact the unusually long waiting list compared to other pools in the area. The Board has instituted several measures to address the long waiting period, including the creation of Temorary Memberships, and offering limited Late Summer Memberships.

How we notify you

We always contact you in writing (by email) and/or by phone to offer full memberships. In the time that lapses between your application and the call, people often move or change phone numbers. It is your responsibility to keep the MSPA informed of your email address, especially if you go overseas. You can provide an email for each adult member of your household. Please update any information by emailing the MSPA at