When you pay bills online in Sandy Spring, it’s best to add that as an expense right away in QB.  To do that:

  • Click on expenses
  • Click on New
  • Add the expense
  • Add the vendor, date, amount, method of payment and category

When the item clears the bank you will be able to match it to the expense in QB.

On a weekly basis:

  • Pay bills online
  • Match the payments in QB
  • Add all deposits in as Uncategorized Income (other than the WePay items which will come from Swimtopia)

On a monthly basis:

  • Enter in a journal entry
  • Ensure all bills and expenses are in place

To create a journal entry:

  • In QB, click on the “+” sign, journal entry
  • Using the monthly report on the Membership Report, enter in the amounts in the dark grey cells.  Ex:
    • Active members
    • Temporary Members:
  • Once you have entered all of the deposit into, you will add the uncategorized income.
    • Open the budget vs actuals report
    • Click on the uncategorized income
    • Click on Export to Excel
    • Sum up the income for the month you are working in
    • Add that to the journal entry in the debit column
    • Then add an entry for “membersplash to clear and save
  • What this has created is a way to take all of the uncategorized income and attach categories to it which will allow us to report on the income we know is coming from the transactions.
  • Much of the income will come in clumps of transactions in Authorize.net and BankCard so it’s very hard to keep track on individual members’ data.  The journal entries are a quick and easy way to handle.