The Member Splash reports are the lifeblood of your QB revenue reports.  Each month you do a journal entry of the revenue from the previous month and the only way you can do it is to have a good report system which sets up your journal entry easily.

There are other reasons you might use the transaction report:

  • how many crabs will be needed
  • how many adults have signed up
  • daily receipts

To get that data:

On the left hand side menu, choose Reports & Exports.  Transaction Report.

You will be able to choose the fee type you want to report on.  For a party, choose “party fee”.  Choose the date range you want to see.

Click Filter:

Click Export:


Click Download:


The daily receipts need to be added to the overall Membership Report.  In early spring, it’s best to do it for the previous day.  As the season progresses, you probably don’t need to do it more than once per week.

  • Click on transaction report
  • Export a csv file
  • Open the file
  • Add a column to the left of the quantity column
  • For the item column, you will need to split it into two.  Early in the season there are products which require something like summer member fees: member name.  We can’t count that so it needs to be split in two.
    • Highlight the entire column, click data, text to columns
    • Choose delimited
    • Choose other
    • Add a “:”
    • Click next
    • Click finish
  • Copy the dates you want to into the Membership Report.
  • I sort the file by:
    • date paid
    • acct #
    • category
  • Then I can just take all of the paid items by date paid and copy to the membership report.