• Create agendas for the meetings
  • Run meetings

VP Pool:

  • Engage Bethesda Aquatics and ensure the contract is in place in January of each year
  • Actively engage in the budget process to ensure the contract and all miscellaneous items are accounted for
  • Manage the plumbing, electrical and mechanical components for the pool
  • Ensure the pool has its permit to open each year
  • Ensure permit compliance with all permits required by Montgomery County
  • Act as liason to Bethesda Aquatics and ensure that all provisions of the contract are adhered to
  • Meet with Bethesda Aquatics regularly during the season
  • Ensure the hours are correct and all staffing is in place
  • Ensure all groups who are using the pool have adequate lanes and times to use the pool
  • Act as second to the president

VP Buildings:

  • Manage the electrical, plumbing, mechanical needs of the buildings
  • Manage the back kitchen area and grills
  • Ensure the elevator is inspected each year and maintained
  • Ensure the security system is operational
  • Ensure the Internet and Wifi are operational
  • Work with Bethesda Aquatics to ensure supplies are adequate for the needs of the pool
  • Maintain proper handling of keys
  • Ensure front desk has proper and functioning equipment
  • Ensure snack bar has proper and functioning equipment

VP Grounds:

  • Ensure grounds are adequately landscaped
  • Order all furniture for pool
  • Order all games and toys for pool
  • Ensure sediment is removed annually
  • Ensure parking lot is paved and line correctly
  • Ensure signage is correct and ordered as needed
  • Ensure trees are maintained
  • Ensure path is accessible


  • Maintain all finances of the pool
  • Ensure income from Member Splash is accounted for
  • Ensure income from Swim & Dive team (Wepay) is accounted for
  • Ensure income from merchandise sales( Shopify) is accounted for
  • Ensure all expenses are maintained in a timely manner
  • Operate Quickbooks file
  • Work with accountant on taxes yearly
  • Pay all bills in a timely manner
  • Budget for the upcoming season
  • Produce monthly reports letting the board know if the expenses are on budget
  • Prepare presentation for the pool before annual meeting


  • Record the meeting minutes
  • Log the meeting minutes on the website
  • Schedule board meetings
  • Ensure Deck Talk goes out monthly

Membership Secretary:

  • Ensure offers go out to new members in a timely manner
  • Ensure we can make the necessary number of summer rentals for the budgeted needs
  • Get all membership communications re: dues out in a timely manner
  • Handle all late issues
  • Work with treasurer to ensure compliance to the budget
  • Handle all communications with members


  • Ensure budget for all activities is adhered to
  • Manage the opening party, adult party, July 4th, closing party
  • Ensure concessions orders are placed
  • Ensure Swim & Dive teams are staffed
  • Ensure permit is handled for food service at meets