Parties are booked via the use of the Appointment Booking Calendar and are written directly to the Event Organiser Calendar

  1. Configure the calendar for usage:
    1. One party only per slot for the pavilion calendar
    2. Two parties can be booked per slot in the main pavilion
  2. The page is here for them to book their parties:
  3. A note is sent to:
    1. Teri
    2. Alex
    3. Erin
    4. Shane
  4. The event is written immediately to the main calendar, where you can see it.  You can also sort by categories and see just what is booked for the upper or main.
  5. Once they have the note the managers can ensure they have enough coverage to handle the party.  If they feel they cannot accommodate, they should contact Shane to handle.
  6. The member should download the Attendee Form and bring it in filled out:
  7. When they check in their guests if there are not enough guest passes, the guard will add them to the member account and use for check in.
  8. If the member has not yet paid for their pavilion, that can be put on their account via the POS system since it’s a choice on the menu.

If the member needs to cancel the booking, they should send a note to Shane, Teri, Alex and Erin to let them know.  Shane can go into the booking tool, click on bookings and delete the one that is no longer required.  This will free up the slot to be used again and will delete it from the calendar.