Our security is handled by Interamerican Security.  Their contact info is:

  • interamericansec@aol.com – email is handled by Marilyn
  • Robert Adorian is the owner’s son and he will handle our calls

We have a series of cameras which are installed around the property.  They can be accessed via Alarm.com:


Our Alarm.com info is:

  • Userid: JosetteSkilling
  • Password: Mohican123
  • Code to call off police: INDIAN

The Alarm Schedule is:


The Userids on the system:

  • Bethesda Aquatics
  • Chuck Montrie
  • Elizabeth Redisch
  • Michael Kessler
  • Josette Skilling
  • Katie Blot
  • Kerry DeSomma
  • Sally McCarthy
  • Mina Lee