Opening and Closing Party:

1) Send out a notice to the entire pool.  Craft for Dani and she can send.
2) Tell Teri/chuck/Alex to put up signs on the front door and put it on their sandwich board so everyone knows it’s happening
3) Make an instacart order to get:
  • hamburgers for 200
  • hot dogs for 200
  • buns
  • veggie burgers – 1 box
  • catsup/mustard/relish
  • buy wine in boxes from the Westbard store (they like blackbox)
  • sheet cake (only for the 2019 opening party)
  • ask Rick if he is coming and wants to buy beer.
4) Get grill help from 3:30 – 5:30 ($20 – $25 per hour)
5) Ask the board to volunteer for certain jobs:  behind the counter, cleanup
* Don’t forget to schedule the crossing guards and get cash to give them.


For July 4th:

Send out notifications well in advance and put up flyers around the pool.
Get the pool decorated with the bunting the week of.
1) Hire grillers for $160 per person
2) Set up at 3:00.  Get out the tents if it’s hot and set them up all around the pavilion
3) Start the grill going at 3:30
4) Order 7 dozen crabs from Captain Pells a week or so in advance.  Should be around $1500
5) Get all the fixings from them as well.
6) Order 3 kegs of beer if the weather will be very hot
7) Buy 8 boxes of wine since there are still pep rallies to go through the extra
8) All of the products are the member account area.  Members will buy as many as they want.  Any number of guests can come.
9) Once they have ordered there will be an order in their account.  I printed the order out and put bracelets in that went with the alcohol, h/h meals or crabs.  All of the bracelets are in the decor bins somewhere.
10) Put the order and bracelets in an envelope and have them at a table by the water fountain.  Around 3:00 is fine to set up.  If they have not paid, you can use the POS to add their charges to their account. (they are set up)
11) The volunteer needs are:
  • Set up at 3:00
  • Man the envelope table
  • Man the crabs
  • Work behind the counter to set up what people bring
  • Man the beer
  • Cleanup!

12) Guards who work the late shift of that day get a $20 tip

13) We need an extra trash pickup scheduled for July 5th.

14) Someone should be in charge of the coin toss.  Mark some of the coins with nail polish and they can get a prize – free ice cream.  Or you an ask Shari what junk toys she bought.

15) Make sure the crossing guard is scheduled and offer him/her food.

* Don’t forget to schedule the crossing guards and get cash to give them.


Adult Party:

  1. Order food from Fish Taco for the number of attendees.  They will deliver and set up.
  2. The products are set up for the members to buy their tickets.  Guests are welcome.
  3. Get the word out early in communications and flyers
  4. Michael’s maid would be a great help to serve and clean up
  5. Margaritas could be made in the orange coolers
  6. Order wine – I don’t think we did beer
  7. There are some decorations but a few more could be nice
  8. If the weather is bad the tents can be used.
  9. Pool closes at 8.  Best to remind Teri and Chuck this is happening since we’ll be open to at least 11.