Deck Talk September 22

Fellow Mohicans –

As we come towards the end of our season we are in the process of electing our new board and beginning the budget process.  As a result of some changes with our nominations we are sending a new slate and pushing the annual meeting to coincide with our end of season party on October 6th.

The new slate is provided below.  We have one director role which will be shared by two members who take senior status.   We are very happy to have this representation on the Board.  And we thank Shari Cantor who served last year and unfortunately needs to resign from the Board.  Her role will be filled for the next year by Tracy Robison.

Elected in Year Term Board Member Role
2018 1 Year Rick Hall President
2018 1 Year Josette Skilling Treasurer
2018 1 Year Lisa Owen VP, Pool
2018 1 Year Elizabeth Redisch VP, Buildings
2018 1 Year Michael Kessler VP, Grounds
2018 1 Year Shane Moore VP, Activities
2018 1 Year Elena Naum Secretary
2018 2 Year Vin DeSomma Director
2018 2 Year Katie Blot Director
2018 2 Year Catharina Ford Director, Primary
2018 2 Year Eluned Schweitzer Director, Designated Proxy
2017 2 Year Mark Eisel Director
2017 2 Year Tracey Robison Director
2017 2 Year Dani Johnson Director
Chris Savage Past President

And in keeping with our practice we will push the meeting back by two weeks and hold it at the beginning of our closing party.  This puts the meeting starting at 5:00 PM on Saturday, October 6th at the pool.

It has been a great summer.  We have lots to share, and so I hope you will all be able to attend.

And in the mean time I apologize for the change in dates and the slate.

See you on deck!