Deck Talk – Week of July 1, 2018

July 4th Celebration:

The July 4th Annual Crabfest is this week!  If you want to avoid any lines to get in,  purchase your tickets online.  Just sign in to your account, click on membership/payments and sign up for the number of meals you want.  You will pick up an envelope on July 4th, starting at pool opening, which will have bracelets for your purchases.  This will eliminate the check in lines so make sure you get yours in advance!  If you don’t pay in advance, we will have stations at the front of the pool to get you signed in starting at 3:00 pm.

If you can help out, please let us know!  We need people who can grill, help serve and clean up.

Swim Meets:

July 4th – 9:00 am – Pre Team will have their mini muffin meet.   Pool will open at 10:00.

July 7th – 8:00 am Swim Team A Meet – pool is closed until noon.

July 8th – 4:00 pm Dive Meet vs Old Farm – pool is open but diving well is closed.

Masters Swimming and Water Polo:

On Sunday, masters swimming is at 9:00 am and water polo starts at 8:00 pm.  Both are open to all newcomers!

Board Meeting:

Our July board meeting will be held at the pool at 4:00 pm on July 7th.

Additional Information:

Please follow us on Twitter @MohicanPool.  Anything listed on the feed will show up on the front page of the website and it’s a great way to get up to date info on closings, parties, raft nights, etc.

Pool Lanes:

As a reminder, we all need to share the lanes in the pool.  If there are two of you in one lap lane, please split the lane to swim.  If there are more than two, please circle swim.

Movie Night:

If there is interest in having a movie night on Tuesdays, we need someone who is willing to run it.  Please contact Josette Skilling at

Rules Reminders:

  • No bouncing on the diving board unless you are at diving practice.  The guards will remove anyone who bounces on the board.  It’s a dangerous practice and is especially so when someone is in the water below.
  • Clean out the refrigerator after your party.  Please don’t leave any alcohol in the fridge past your party.
  • No eating on the pool deck.  Please use only the designated areas for food.
  • Parties are booked online.  If you plan to have more than 10 guests at a time, it’s a party and must get approval before you have it.  Pool management needs to schedule guards and can’t get the proper coverage when members show up with dozens of unexpected guests.
    • If you need to cancel your party, please do so with 24 hours notice.
    • If you want to see if there is availability for your event, visit the calendar –
  • Please update your emergency contact information in your account.

Guest Passes:

We have many guests every day at the pool.  Please login to your account and purchase guest passes BEFORE you come to the pool in order to avoid the lines at the pool.  They never expire and will remain in your account.

Lost and Found:

Please check the lost and found pile for your lost items!  It’s growing and needs to be either picked up or thrown away.

Raft Night:

Please make sure to check the calendar for the schedule of raft nights for the summer.  Currently, they are scheduled for every other week.  Next one is scheduled for July 12th.

See you on deck!