Welcome to the 2018 Swim Season!

Welcome to another season at Mohican!

This is a special year as we celebrate 60 years at Mohican.  Ever wonder how to  buy Mohican gear?  The swim and dive teams have an online store this year, and it is open to anyone – not just team members.  There is a special t-shirt in honor of the 60th anniversary, and polo shirts, shorts, flannel pants, long sleeve t-shirts and hats are also available.  Check out the online store.  Gear will be shipped directly to your home

Since the end of last season we’ve been hard at working getting the pool ready for another summer.

  • You’ll notice we have Wifi working at the pool.  You’ll see Mohican Guest as the network and you can simply use it with no password required.
  • Security cameras were installed and we have great control over our alarm system.  Any cash we collect will go in a safe, which is bolted to the floor, so we should not have any issues with break-ins this year.  And if they are foolish enough to do so, we’ll capture them on camera!
  • The grounds are looking great and much of last year’s plantings are beginning to come back up.  We’ll have annuals in pots in the next week or so and vines will be planted in pots by the shade structure.
  • We’ve installed a second gas grill at the kitchen area!  This should help to eliminate the waiting when we have a lot of people at the pool and will definitely make it easier to cook for our large Mohican events!
  • The kitchen area was painted and new fans are being installed.  You’ll notice new fans under the pavilion at the front of the pool, which will be very nice to have as that summer heat really picks up.

This year’s social events are on the calendar!

  • Our opening party is scheduled for May 19 at 4:00 pm.  Please bring either a side or dessert to share with everyone and the pool will supply the burgers, hot dogs, water, lemonade and adult beverages (until they run out).
  • We have an adult only party scheduled for June 16.  Save the date!
  • Crabfest will be on July 4th
  • The closing party is scheduled for September 23rd

Any time you’d like to know something about the pool, make sure you visit the website:


  • The calendar function is especially helpful since you’ll find anything we have scheduled listed there.
  • Our Twitter account will be used to inform everyone when there are happenings or weather delays. You can see that on the home page of the website or your Twitter feed. There is a ticker at the top of the screen of the website which has current info as well.
  • Our hours are prominently displayed right on the home screen and are current.
  • If you’d like to book a party, please be sure to use the online form:


The form will allow you to book the party and you’ll pay for it by logging in to your account and purchasing your guest passes or renting the upper pavilion:


  • We’d also like to remind everyone to log into their account and pay for any guest passes they want to use.  We have a convenient 10 pack you can purchase and we remind you that they don’t expire, so you can safely purchase what you need.  It’s much easier to login to your account and pay for your passes than to try and do it while the front desk is busy checking people in.
  • Swim & Dive registration is open and we have lots of kids signed up. There’s still time to get your swimmers and divers into this fun program so don’t delay.


See you on deck!