Mohican Sports

Fellow Mohicans

In my recent email, I mentioned both Masters Swimming and Water Polo, and I am happy to let you know we are getting both off the ground (or in the water more specifically).


We will start our masters swimming with a weekly session on Sunday from 8:30-10:00 AM (actual swim time about an hour). The session will start next Sunday, June 25 and will run every Sunday through the remainder of the year. As this time is before the pool opens we will have all the lanes and we will accommodate swimmers of all abilities. We will break up the workout based on ability so that swimmers can swim with members of similar ability.

I will devise and run the initial workouts. However, since we have a number of experienced swimmers we will decide an approach to rotate or bring in a coach for the sessions. In addition, we will have coffee and food to munch after the session.

Once we get the group going we can determine if there is interest in expanding from a weekly session to a more frequent schedule.


We are also ready to start-up a Mohican Water Polo group. This group will play on Sunday evenings – from 8:30 to 9:30 PM, and we will start this Sunday, June 18. During that time we will set up the pool for Water Polo and while the pool will remain open, we will not have lap swimming at that time.

We have two members – Lisa Owen and TJ Cox who are going to organize this group going forward. And, at Lisa’s suggestion, I have attached a very informative discussion of the sport – a fun read even if you are not going to play.

Both of these groups are open to all members. However, we do expect only experienced lap swimmers attend the Masters Group and those who are strong swimmers to play water polo.

Thanks, everyone – see you at the pool.

Rick Hall

Mohican President