Dive Team Information


The complete 2013 handbook information is available here:
2013 Mohican Dive Team Handbook

Afternoon Practices Begin Tuesday, May 28, 2013 and continue through Friday, July 19, 2013
–Divers will be placed in one of 2 practice times:
–Practices take place each weekday afternoon.

Morning Practices will start on Thursday, June 20th and will continue each Thursday and Friday mornings from 10:15am to 11:15am.

Dual Meet 1: Sunday, June 16th (4pm) Potomac Woods at Mohican (HOME)
Dual Meet 2: Sunday, June 23rd (4pm) Mohican at Country Glen
Dual Meet 3: Sunday, June 30th (4pm) Robin Hood AT Mohican (HOME)
Dual Meet 4: Sunday, July 7th (4pm) Mohican AT Carderock Springs
Dual Meet 5: Sunday, July 14th (4pm) Manor Woods at Mohican (HOME)
Robin Hood Invitational: Friday, July 19th at 3:30pm at Robin Hood *
Divisional Championships: Sunday, July 21st at 8:00am at Country Glen **
12 and Under All Stars: Wednesday, July 24th at 3:00pm Eastgate ***
13-18 All Stars: Thursday, July 25th at 3:00pm at Manor Woods ***

* This Invitational is open to all divers who do not plan to dive in Divisionals.
** The top two boy and girl divers from each age group will be asked to represent Mohican in the Divisional Championships
*** The top three finishers in each event at the Divisional Championships are eligible to compete in the All Star competition

Head Coach: Katie Calder 301-503-5734(c); kcald9421@gmail.com

Dive reps:
Elizabeth Redisch 301-351-8796 (c); Elizabeth.Redisch@verizon.net
Josette Skilling 301-385-9213 (c); j.skilling@verizon.net

Montgomery County Dive League (MCDL) Website: www.mcdiving.org

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