Here is the link for the 2014 online registration process for the 2014 Mohican Swim & Dive team:

Go Mo!

The complete 2014 handbook information is available here:
2014 Mohican Swim Team Handbook

Summary Information as follows:
Afternoon Practices:  Starting Tuesday, May 27, 2014
At Avenel Pool: 10001 Oaklyn Drive, Potomac MD
3:30pm to 4:30pm for Middle and High School Aged Swimmers
4:30pm to 5:30pm for Elementary School Aged Swimmers

Morning Practices:  Starting Monday, June 16, 2014
At East Gate Pool 10200 Gainsborough Rd, Potomac MD
9:30-11am: (9:30-9:45 drylands): Seniors (13-over, 11-over with winter experience)
9:45-10:45am: (no drylands): Pre-Senior: (10-over, 8-over with winter experience)
9:45-10:15am: DEVELOPMENTAL TEAM (swimmers who cannot quite swim a full length of freestyle and backstroke proficiently, still learning to swim)
10:15-11am: Intermediate: (mostly 9-under, swimmers who can swim at least a length of the pool freestyle and backstroke)

To accommodate kids who go to early camp, beginning on June 16, early practices will be available from 7 to 8:15am if Coach Gian is given advance notice.

TEAM PHOTO:   To Be Determined

A-Meet Schedule for Division E(Generally 7:30am Meeting for Caravan to Away meeting; 8:30 warm up time at Pool and 9:00am Meet Start Time):
Saturday, June 7, 2014                  TIME TRIALS at Palisades (8am / 7:30am Warm-Up
Saturday, June 14, 2014                AWAY at Kentlands
Saturday, June 21, 2014               AWAY at King Farm
Sunday,   June 22, 2014                Relay Carnival at King Farm
Saturday, June 28, 2014                AWAY at Franklin Knolls
Saturday, July 5, 2014                   AWAY vs. Stonebridge
Saturday, July 12, 2014                  AWAY at Northwest Branch
Saturday, July 19, 2014                  Divisional Championship Meet – at Kentlands
Saturday, July 26, 2014                  County Relay All-Star Meet (Section I & II)
Sunday, July 27, 2014                    County Individual All-Star Meet

B-Meet Schedule (5:30 warm ups at the AWAY meets):
Thursday, June 12, 2014              AWAY at Merrimac
Wednesday, June 18, 2014           AWAY at Palisades
Wednesday, July 2, 2014             AWAY at Little Falls
Wednesday, July 9, 2014            AWAY at Bannockburn

Swim and Dive Team Banquet – Sunday, July 20th (location TBD)

Friday PEP RALLY: PEP Rallies are held on Friday evenings before A Meets and we are planning 4 PEP Rallies this year including fun activities for the team and great food and drink for purchase by parents and siblings.  Preliminary plan and menus as follows:
June 14th              Pasta and Meatballs, or a meatball sub, salad, bread, ricotta pie!
June 20st         Stuffed Pasta Marathon – ravioli, cannelloni, manicotti…, salad and ice cream
June 27th                Tacos, Salad, Rice & Beans, Chips & Salsa…
July 11th           Lasagna or Pasta, Salad, Bread, Italian Ice

Contact Information:

“A” Team Reps:   Rick Calder 301- 320 – 0303 rickcalder@comcast.net
Elizabeth Redisch 301-351-8796  elizabeth.redisch@verizon.net

“B” Team Reps:  Roxanna Hakimi  roxannafh@me.com
Sarah Manes sarahmanes@me.com

Head Coach:  Gian Polignano 301-717-7883 gianpolignano@hotmail.com

Asst Head Coach: Halie Kellett 301-828-8848  hkell@umich.edu

Head Developmental Coach: Lauren Brooks 301-704-2925  LaurenBrooks95@Yahoo.com

Asst Coaches: Kevin Johnson, Brett Johnson, Luca Grifo-Hahn, Tess Speiser, Brett Kellett

Montgomery County Swim League Site: www.mcsl.org